New research shows that digital video is evolving from just a branding tool to a real, measurable sales driver. In this new research by Sequent Partners, marketing leaders from P&G, Honda, Clorox and Bank of America share how they are using digital video to drive sales.



Video marketing has traditionally been seen as a tool for branding and engagement metrics as opposed to a medium for driving and tracking real ROI. However, new research from Sequent Partners shows that with new technology in the video marketing space, marketers perceptions of the medium are changing--drastically. With quantitative and qualitative surveys of more than 200 marketers, the research shows that digital video is at its inflection point of becoming the sales tool it really is.

  • Marketers are ready to move spend with proven ROI. 75 percent would move money to digital video if they had proof that it was more efficient than other tactics at driving sales.
  • Digital video will become a key revenue generator for marketers. 65 percent of marketers say that digital video is growing in importance for driving offline sales.
  • Marketers’ perceptions of digital video are shifting. 87 percent of marketers reported positive ROI from digital video, but only 42 percent think it’s better than other media at driving sales.


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